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Privacy Policy

A copy of our complete GDPR Compliance Policy is available on request.

Company contact details

Mercuryavs Limited
Audio and visual services (IT, broadband, network services for schools)

Mark Labio
Head of operations
10 Chatsworth Avenue, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S40 3JU
Tel: 01246 900900

Necessary Processing

All tasks performed by the company are necessary to ensure adequate standards for operating on a legal basis under GDPR legislation, May 25th 2018. The company review data quantities and necessary processing annually by a third party GDPR practitioner to ensure all subject processing tasks remain as few as possible to maintain this standard.

Mercuryavs provide employee details to those parties of legal interest, including the HMRC. We do not provide information to third parties other than those required for worksite regulations. Such parties include the contact details of the school representative as part of our member online system for accessing the portal for the needs of maintenance and troubleshooting only. We do not hold, or have access to, personal data of clients or minors.

We hold your data live and in automated backup for upto six years following termination of contract with ourselves or named third parties as aforementioned. This data is to personally identify you in the case of dispute. We hold the minimum data on our clients to ensure agreements are carried out, and do not hold sensitive data.

Data analysis is for search engine rankings and meta data analytics only. Analytics do not include any subject data.

Data Protection Objectives

Necessary processing tasks are reviewed every month. Such tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Legislative updates demonstrating transparency and fair use of data
  • Right of access to data we hold on you
  • Right to be informed of changes and updates that will affect the use of your data
  • Right of data portability to ensure it is accessible
  • Right to object against anything we hold about you
  • Right to erasure should you wish to remove all records
  • Right to restrict processing in the case of dispute
  • Right to rectification if the data we or mentioned third parties are incorrect
  • Rights regarding automated profiling and decision making
  • Hardware and software security measures to ensure the safe use of your data
  • Pseudonymisation, tokenisation and encryption to restrict access beyond designated parties
  • Anonymisation of data analytics for company performance

Management and staff are bound by confidentiality and we take unnecessary access and processing of data we hold and a very serious matter. A Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA), is undertaken as part of the annual review and updated monthly as a metrics management system to gauge improvements towards data protection and information security protocols.

Marketing and Advertising

Collection of data is by service appointment only and not used for marketing.

Although we appoint Constant Contact and Force 24 as our advertising agents, this is a generic system for leads, and not currently in use. Future leads generation will be of generic data and for contact with company contact information already in the public domain.

We do not issue newsletters or any other form of advertising material, and we operate on inbound-sales.

SARs (Subject Access Requests)

Subjects, either staff or school representatives, have the right to access their own data as within the rights mentioned above. If requested by telephone, security will require details of personal information, a password, and unique details of employment respective to the enquiry, such as NI number for payment enquiries, and school identification for worksite enquiries. We can confirm that details you have provided are true, but we cannot provide personal data over the phone or by email, so if you fail security questioning, your request will be processed by post or directly through the contractor company. Requests made by email will be responded to by post to the address provided most recently unless it is generic, or to confirm details formerly provided using your email address as confirmation of identity. Provisions of update using email are provided by a single-use URL for one viewing only as a portable method of display. This is to avoid delivering details directly over email as a security protocol.

Unless in case of emergency, no other parties may be provided subject data by any channel of request.

SARs are logged automatically and subject to review regularly as fraud prevention.

Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

We and our business partners collect information about your use of our website through cookies.
Cookies are information files stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone that help websites remember who you are and information about your visit.
Cookies can help to display the information on a website in a way that matches your interests. Most major websites use cookies.

What cookies are used on this Website?

The cookies we and our business partners use on this website are broadly grouped into the following categories:

  • Essential – Some of the cookies on our website are essential for us to be able to provide you with a service you have requested. An example of this would be a cookie used to enable you to log into your account on the website or which allows communication between your browser and the website. Our cookie preference cookie described in the section “How can I reject or opt out of receiving cookies?” is also an essential cookie. You may not be able to use our website without these cookies.
  • Analytics – We use analytics cookies to helps us understand how users engage with our website. An example is counting the number of different people coming to our website or using a particular feature, rather than the total number of times the site or feature is used. Without this cookie, if you visited the website once each week for three weeks we would count you as three separate users. We would find it difficult to analyse how well our website was performing and improve it without these cookies.
    User Cookies – We use cookies to improve your experience by remembering your preferences so we know how you like to use our website. Examples of this would be remembering you so that you are served with the same content or to remember you when you come back to the site.
  • Social Sharing – We use third party cookies to allow you to share content directly on the social networking/sharing sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Examples would be if you wanted to “like” or “tweet” about us or our products or services. Please see our “Third Party Cookies” section below for more details.
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How can I reject or opt out of receiving cookies?

If you do not wish cookies to be stored on your machine, you can do the following:

  • Delete the cookies from your browser. Most browsers also allow you to prevent all or some cookies being stored on your machine in the future. For more information on how to delete or disable cookies from your browser please use the “help” function within your browser or alternatively visit; and/or
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Third party cookies may be in use and parties are mentioned in the Privacy Policy.